Christophe Nicault

Christophe Nicault

Information System Strategy
Digital Transformation
Data Science

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Christophe,

I’m a consultant working both in information system management and data analysis.

I help companies develop their business, benefiting from an information system designed to create value and opportunities with their data.

During my 20+ years of experience in information systems, and IT project management, I often witnessed many businesses struggle to get the most value from their information system. They spend too much time dealing with data issues, unable to go beyond the traditional metrics, dashboards, and spreadsheets..

The businesses that have the maturity to have a data team often struggle to deal with the legacy of the information system. They can’t efficiently find and process the information that would help to solve their current challenges. It’s difficult for them to find opportunities with data collected in a system designed to process transactions, not to unlock future analysis that would drive the business.

I close the gap between the business, the IT and the data analytic.

I’m inquisitive and spend a lot of time reading, discovering new domains, technologies and technics, and experiencing them. I share them on this website, also often publish the code on GitHub.

I also got into data visualization because it brings creativity and design to data analysis. It also requires getting curious about the field studied, using data manipulation skills, statistics, and finally finding the best way to communicate the story I get from the data. It’s the best way to learn, show some of my skills and engage with the community.

There’s more to life than sitting behind a computer, and I spend this time enjoying my passions, travelling, discovering cultures, hiking outdoors, and playing the guitar.


  • Data Visualisation
  • Data Analysis
  • Machine Learning
  • Business Processes
  • Hiking & skiing
  • Travelling


  • MSC Engineering, 1998

    Ecole d'Ingénieur de Tours

  • Higher National Diploma in Technology, 1995

    Bourges University Institue of Technology



Data manipulation & automation.

Data Analysis

Explore, Understand, Visualise, Communicate.

Machine Learning

Forecasting, clustering, classification.


Define a roadmap to execute the business strategy.

Project management

Planning, organisation, leadership.

Business processes

Business process analysis, Process Mining, BPMN